the baby in the womb is a boy or girl

Today science has made a lot of progress. There are many types of technology available today, which we can easily find out the gender of the baby growing in the womb. When this technology came to India, it was misused in many ways. The lamp is mandatory for the family. Due to many such wrong and uncultured beliefs, Knowing the gender of the child, many girls were murdered in their stomachs. The Government of India took decisive steps to stop such misconceptions. Due to which pregnancy sex test was considered a legal offence.

the baby in the womb is a boy or girl
the baby in the womb is a boy or girl

A pregnancy sex test is a legal offence.

Today in India, pregnancy sex tests with the help of ultrasound are the most significant crime, and it is also correct. But this technology is essential for the baby’s development and to know any difficulties. That’s why doctors examine the baby in the womb with an ultrasound. But I can’t do a gender test. If they do this, it will be considered a legal offence in which doctors’ license is cancelled with the harshest punishment, and the hospital is also sealed.

But if any parents want to go ahead with planning for their upcoming baby, or eagerly want to know or already want to shop for their future baby, then your traditional way. the movement of the boy in the womb in the can easily do it by observing can understand from 

From the movement of the can know what is

Boy in the movement boy in the womb, of thein this article on the womb, the boy’s movement in the womb? And whether the baby in the womb is a boy or a girl (1) will know from some activities. 

stir of the boys in the womb

According to the traditional beliefs, can detect any girl pregnant than girls pregnant woman’s womb baby buzz that the boy or girl in the womb is considered a movement is started early. While a girl begins moving in the uterus at four months, the boy takes up to five months to start the movement. If a pregnant woman observes this, then she can easily guess.

 What activities does the baby do in the womb?

Women are pregnant for the first time, and they are very excited to know how the baby moves to inwomb. So let us tell you that the movement of the baby in the womb-like kicking, taking hiccups, moving. Along with this, a baby in the womb also does activities like turning its body to the other side, moving the face and moving the hand to touch the front. 

When does a boy start moving in the womb?

A mother of baby movements in the womb The beginning starts after seventeen weeks, and as the weeks pass by, the mother begins the baby’s activities in the womb feeling more. The movement baby in the womb is supposed to be between seventeen weeks and 35 weeks. After the 35th week, it starts decreasing because due to the increase of the baby’s body in the womb, it moves in the uterus does not get space.

Why does the baby move more in the 

Womb, The baby’s movement in the womb, is a beautiful feeling for every mother. The movement in the child’s womb also causes pain to the mother, but that feeling is so beautiful that the mother forgets her pain. Typically, in the middle of the second trimester of pregnancy, i.e. between the 17th and 22nd week of, the baby’s movements start a pregnancy, and this movement becomes more between the 22nd and 30th week of pregnancy. The baby starts moving, hiccups, kicking, and many other activities during this. 

What are the symptoms of having a boy in pregnancy?

In general, most parents are curious to know whether it will be a boy or a girl. But it is not known that by the changes occurring in the pregnant woman and some such symptoms, it can be easily understood that there is the boy or girl in womb(1). That is the symptom, 

  • If there is a difference in the size of the breasts of the pregnant woman at the time of pregnancy and the left side breast becomes more extensive, it is a symptom of having a boy. 
  • If a pregnant woman’s belly protrudes from the lower side during pregnancy, it is a boy’s symptom. 
  • If a pregnant woman’s belly protrudes upwards, it is usually a sign girl child. 
  • By the colour of urine of a pregnant woman, it can be easily known whether there is a boy or a girl in the womb. If the urine colour of a pregnant woman is yellow, then it is a sign of having a boy considered. 
  • While the colour of urine of a pregnant is light yellow, then in general, it is a sign of being a girl considered. 
  • It is generally understood that if the beauty of a pregnant woman increases after pregnancy, she starts looking more attractive, then there will be a girl in the womb. 
  • On the other hand, there is a boy inwomb, the when face starts looking withered and hair starts falling. And hands and feet begin feeling a little cold. 
  • If a pregnant woman starts liking more salty food during her pregnancy, then it is a sign of being a boy, maybe while if she starts enjoying sweet food more, then it is a possibility that a girl maybe.  
  • It is common for a pregnant woman to have mood swings during pregnancy, but if the pregnant woman’s mood swings excessively during this time, then if that woman is having a boy, the chances are more. 
  • Even today, in rural areas, it is believed that if a pregnant woman feels the baby on the left side of the womb, then it is a girl, and if she feels it on the right side, then it is a boy. 


We have told you at the very beginning of this article that it is a legal offence to find out the gender of the baby. But most pregnant women have this curiosity in their mind till the whole pregnancy, whether the baby in her womb is a boy or a girl. That’s why in this article we have told about some traditional methods by which a pregnant woman can easily find out at her home. 

the baby in the womb is a boy or girl
the baby in the womb is a boy or girl

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