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About “Mom is forever”

All of you are welcome to our “mom is forever” blog. On this blog, you will get information related to the health of a mother and child. How a mother takes care of her baby, as well as what is necessary for a mother to take care of her baby, you will also get all this information through this blog.

Mom is Forever - About us
Mom is Forever – About us

About Me (Sandip Dhore)

My name is Sandeep Dhore, besides being a dutiful citizen, I am a writer-poet. With the experience of writing on many subjects, the idea of ​​establishing this website came to my mind due to my special interest in the topics related to mothers and children.

Due to being more interested in topics related to children, I have been studying this subject for many years. I came to know that there is very little information available on the internet on topics related to mothers and children. That’s why by writing on this topic, I thought of helping those parents who face many problems while taking up the responsibility of nurturing their newborn to developed children.

That’s why the idea of ​​creating a website ‘mom is forever’ came to mind. But I did not have any experience of blogging. So learning with a new experience in this field was also quite challenging for me. Slowly learning all these things, I am now enjoying this work and my only effort is how to make my website or my blog better.

My main purpose of creating this website is to spread awareness among people and to make people aware of various information which can be useful for them in present as well as in future. Different categories have been created under this website, in which information about different topics has been given.


We have published articles and related material on our website based on our study experiences, therefore we sincerely request you to consult your doctor before taking any treatment or any other form of therapy, drug, or other treatment. Please contact.

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